Tax (Personal & Corporate)

When it comes to personal and corporate income taxes, we strive to identify opportunities and implement strategies to minimize the impact of taxes on you and your business. Our experience will help you avoid compliance issues and penalties. We will work to provide you with information to make confident and informed business decisions.

Our senior team will work with you to identify tax strategies geared to you and your business’s needs. We will work to see that you are not paying more tax than necessary. We will provide you with customized tax solutions to maximize tax efficiencies, minimize liabilities and comply with regulations.

Our tax professionals have deep experience working with the Canadian Revenue Agency, and we focus on helping you minimize taxes and ensure compliance. In the event of a tax audit or issue, we can help you navigate through the complexity to help ensure things get resolved in a timely and efficient manner.

To be able to meet your needs we provide:

  • Tax planning and compliance
  • Personal, corporate and estate tax returns
  • HST and payroll deduction calculations and submissions
  • CRA tax audits