Sometimes an outside observer can identify upcoming or even current issues and provide alternate solutions to avoid pitfalls. Did you know that more than 75% of family-owned businesses fail to survive to transition to the second generation as a result of disruptive competition, tax implications and family disputes? A succession plan will reduce your risk, ensure the future success of your business and help with the orderly transition to the next generation.

Retirement and estate planning are equally crucial for business owners. The former to ensure that you can enjoy a comfortable retirement lifestyle. The latter to ensure that your beneficiaries enjoy the maximum benefit of your estate, without erosion from probate and estate taxes.

At CGW, we work with you to develop succession, retirement and estate planning. We work to meet your financial goals, protect your family’s wealth and secure your retirement. Tax strategies addressed as early as possible help maintain wealth during transfer of ownership.

We have extensive experience across numerous industries including construction and real estate, professional services, manufacturing and development, not for profits, retail and the service industry. We have helped start-up companies materialize into small and medium-sized businesses. We listen to your vision and provide:

  • Professional and accurate advice
  • Projections that meet third party needs (i.e. bank financing)
  • Private funding


To meet your needs, we provide:

  • Business consulting
  • Estate planning
  • Financial and property management
  • Eldercare oversight
  • Business plan preparation
  • Cash flow projections
  • Budgets and forecasts